About Us

Our Story

UPLIFT started over 17 years ago when Carrie Bain, our fearless, compassionate leader opened the doors of Bikram Yoga Elk Grove just four days after 9/11. In a time of tragedy, she was determined to shine a light. It was, in her word, "My Divine Calling!"

One of the original hot yoga studios in the area, BYEG spawned numerous teachers and spin-off studios causing some to call Carrie the "god-mother" of hot yoga in northern California.

Just like our students, we've evolved over time. The last few years have brought growth, love and excitement on all levels to our studio. We've added diverse modalities, created more community events and welcomed new students and staff.

In October, 2018 – the studio's 17th birthday – we officially became UPLIFT.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a beautiful, thriving community of like-minded souls determined to make a positive ripple in the world.