We love beginners! We're ready to help you reach for your best self the moment you walk through our doors. (We are called UPLIFT, after all.) Our friendly staff can answer all your questions. In the meantime, here are a few things to know before you join us.

Do I need a Yoga Mat?

Nope. You can rent one when you come to class. After a few visits, we hope you love it enough to invest in a mat and make that commitment to yourself and your practice.

What Should I Wear?

We're not a fashion scene around here. Wear something comfortable that lets you stretch. For the hot classes, be prepared to sweat! You might find want to bring a change of clothes for after class.

How To Prepare

It's best to stay hydrated before, during and after class. Eat a heavier meal at least two hours before you practice. Light juices are ok up to 15 minutes before class. It also helps to go to the bathroom before you step on your mat. That way you won't be thinking about dashing out in the bow pose. Most of all, come prepared to enjoy yourself!


Together we create this Peaceful and inspiring Space.

Be Kind to yourself and others.
Be On Time Kindly show up early to give yourself time to settle in. Once class begins, latecomers are not permitted.
Be Present Unplug! Absolutely no cell phones in the yoga room. Ever. This is a place to heal and grow without distraction.
Be Minimal Please leave shoes and limitations at the door, keep bags in locker room and valuables at home.
Be Mindful Oh and scent-free (no perfume please but deodorant is A-OK)
Be Peaceful Please observe silence in the yoga room; catch up with your teachers and buddies in the lobby before and after class.
Be Sweaty Stay the entire class. Hint: Savasana is the best part!
Be Hydrated You can fill up on filtered water – available in the lobby.
Be Tidy Please look after rentals and equipment with tender love and care.
Be Happy Always listen to your body. It's totally ok to smile in the postures.
Be Respectful This is everyone's sanctuary; please do not move or remove prearranged mats or belongings in the studio or save spots for your friends.
Be UPLIFTED. This is your time to shine.